Line-up for Static Roots Festival 2018

Fri. 13 July & Sat. 14 July 2018

Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany

(check out our YouTube line-up playlist here)

Anthony da Costa (Nashville, TN, USA)

The Stephen Stanley Band (Wolfe Island, Canada)

Charlie Whitten (Nashville, TN, USA)

Prinz Grizzley and his Beargaroos (Bregenz, Austria)

Hannah Aldridge (Muscle Shoals, AL, USA)

The Midnight Union Band (Kilkenny, Ireland)

Donald Byron Wheatley (London, UK)

Bennett Wilson Poole (London & Oxford, UK)

Terra Lightfoot (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

SUSTO (solo) (Charleston, SC, USA)

Cordovas (Nashville, TN, USA)

Cordovas We have been working on this one for almost six months now and we are extremely happy to announce the last act for the line-up of the Static Roots Festival 2018: the amazing Cordovas from Nashville, TN, USA, will play the headlining show on Saturday, Jul 14th! It was

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SUSTO (solo) Susto is a disease of the soul that has its origin in Latin America. Imagine it as some kind of soul death or the loss of the soul. It’s said, that sufferers are walking shells of their former selves. But the good news is there is a cure!

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Terra Lightfoot TERRA LIGHTFOOTPress shots / Album cover. Hamilton, ON. June 27, 2017Photo by Dustin Rabin. 2766 She plays a mean lead guitar, her voice is remarkably powerful, bluesy & soulful, and with her terrific band Terra Lightfoot will go down like a storm at the Static Roots Festival 2018!

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Bennett Wilson Poole This is simply too good to be true: a couple of weeks ago I got a copy of the yet to be released debut album by Bennett Wilson Poole. Blown away by the first listen, these guys sound like the British Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young! And

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Donald Byron Wheatley When good friends Del Day (Ark PR, Big City Lights) and Danny George Wilson (Danny & The Champions Of The World) founded their record label Mayden Voyage Recording Company, I never doubted they'd be putting out great music. And what a cracker their first two releases have

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The Midnight Union Band Willie Meighan. The Boss. A legend in the Irish Music scene, organiser of the Kilkenny Roots Festival, owner of Rollercoaster Records (Kilkenny) - "the happiest little record shop in the world", one of the kindest and gentlest person you could ever hope to meet. When this

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Hannah Aldridge For her debut album "Razor Wire" (2014) she was described as Muscle Shoal's own "Americana princess". With her 2017 album "Gold Rush" and tons of raving reviews, she ended up in many best-of-lists and it seems she might have climbed the throne. We are very much looking forward

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Prinz Grizzley and his Beargaroos At the Kilkenny Roots Festival 2017 an Americana band from Austria was the talk of the town. Americana from Austria? Well, who would have thought. Beautiful, soulful Americana music, excellent songwriting, fantastic musicianship, a compelling voice even yodelling at times. Welcome to the Static Roots

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Charlie Whitten Earlier in 2017 when promoting a show with Cale Tyson & band, Cale’s guitar player Juan Solorzano talked about another of his musical activities and highly recommended to check out Charlie Whitten from Nashville, TN, USA. Bought Charlie Whitten’s 2014 album “Hey Love” and instantly fell in love

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The Stephen Stanley Band Their album "Jimmy & The Moon" instantly won us over. Top songwriting, killer melodies, jangling guitars, amazing harmonies, some straight rockers, some beautiful ballads.  At the same time Stephen Stanley's "The Troubadour's Song" became my farewell song for the great Willie Meighan. We can't wait to

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Anthony da Costa The brilliant Anthony da Costa (Nashville, USA) has been writing songs since the age of 10 and playing professionally since 13. In 2007 (at the age of 16), Anthony became the youngest winner ever of both the Falcon Ridge and Kerrville Folk Festival songwriting competitions. He has

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