Michael Langewender

“There is a heaven on earth and I’ve been there!”

Jeff Robson (Tell The Band To Go Home / umfm.com) about the Static Roots Festival 2017 Sorry for posting this podcast a wee bit late. Must have forgotten in the post-Static-Roots-Festival euphoria this summer. Jeff Robson, host of the fantastic radio show “Tell The Band To Go Home” on umfm.com in Winnipeg, Canada, was the …

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Thank you!

What a brilliant weekend Static Roots Festival 2017 was! We had the time of our lives. Thanks to Jeff Robson (Tell the Band to Go Home) for being the most fabulous presenter, thanks to Michael Langewender (Tonetoaster Records) for managing the stage so smoothly and efficiently, thanks to Buddy Olly and Alex for the great …

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