Due to timing issues, good friend Robert Gerlings had to optimize the StaticRuhrTour so he made some updates to the first version and finalized the schedule. We'll visit some iconic Ruhr valley sites, have a beer at a corner shop, a local specialty snack. Part of the Ruhr valley experience is travelling by public transport - yay, that should be fun: we'll meet up on Friday, July 13th, at 11am in front of Oberhausen train station

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Hey folks, for those of you who arrive early, we plan to organize a little Ruhrvalley roundtrip on the festival Friday, July 13th, around noon. Oberhausen is in the middle of one of the most industrialized areas in Europe, the Ruhrvalley ("Ruhrgebiet"). The Ruhrvalley is a melting pot: for more than 200 years people from all over Europe (Poland, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, ...) came here to find work. And they also brought their cultures.

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