SRF 2017: David Ford

David Ford

Every now and then it happens, that a newly discovered act knocks you off your socks.

This guy was playing on the stereo just as we arrived on time (we’re German) to a Scottish wedding ceremony and we were instantly blown away. Well, I thought it’s the circumstances that made this song so special: the dignified wedding hall, the surroundings of the Scottish highlands, the many Scots proudly wearing their kilts, the exciting atmosphere. But then the bridal couple gave away a wedding CD with two of this guy’s songs and back home we checked him out: his back catalogue was utterly brilliant – you wonder why this great artist is so below the radar. He should be all over the radio!

It just took a couple of emails until it was clear – welcome to the Static Roots Festival 2017: David Ford

And even better: the newlyweds will be at the festival, too!

“He should be playing to much, much bigger crowds than this and it’s a travesty that he’s not.” – Louder Than War Magazine

“David Ford is a master of tearful ballads, singalong anthems, banging bits of wood together, and much more besides. Why isn’t he selling thousands of records?” – The Guardian

“The epitome of the ‘cult’ artist, David Ford is loved by everyone who has ever heard him and yet remains a complete unknown to the majority of people.” – The Belfast Empire

“‘Charge’ may just be Ford’s best album to date. It doesn’t fit as seamlessly together as the previous ones, but whilst that might be seen as an issue, it’s actually its strength. ” –

“David Ford; for people who actually give a ****.” − The Fly Magazine

“Genuine depth and striking authority.” − Rolling Stone

“Pop star or not, David Ford remains one of Britain’s best. – 5 out of 5” − Lisa Verrico, The Times (London)

“An English Lucinda Williams … puts everything into every note & word.” − Phil Sutcliffe, Los Angeles Times

“David Ford is the eternal thrill of a young man going way too far and pulling it off.” − David Hepworth, Word Magazine

“He is becoming unmissable – 5 out of 5” − Dave Simpson, The Guardian

“Sends a chill up the spine.” − Dan Cairns, The Sunday Times (London)

“David Ford, a work of sheer greatness.” − Will Levith, American Songwriter

“David Ford delivered the greatest performance of the whole weekend.” – John Sakamoto, The Toronto Star

“There is no one like David Ford in the music business. He’s a complete one-off, an enigma. His slight social awkwardness on stage might be mistaken for arrogance, but he’s one of the few genuine good guys in the business, untainted by a desire to be rich and famous and totally at ease with doing things his own way.” – eventhestars

“A multi-instrumentalist and master of the loop pedal, Ford’s mesmerising live performances regularly sell-out venues on both sides of the Atlantic. Think Tom Waits, Neil Young and Randy Newman. From raw-throated passion to delicate piano balladry, Ford’s music is intelligent, witty and authoritative. He has toured with and supported artists such as Elvis Costello, Ray LaMontagne, Aimee Mann, Richard Ashcroft, Suzanne Vega, Ingrid Michaelson, Newton Faulkner and Simone Felice. With four critically-acclaimed studio albums and a live show defined by The Guardian as “unmissable,” David Ford is essential listening for anyone who still gives a damn about music. Ford’s songs combine Americana, English melodicism and a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, tied together with finely-crafted lyrics.” – Charleston Music Hall

“Despite countless plaudits, the songwriter flies below the radar for many (…). Yet Ford’s exquisite songwriting and powerful live performances ensure he remains one of the UK’s most important singer/songwriters in the eyes of critics and genuine music lovers.” –