Static Roots Festival 2017 – line up & galleries


9th / 10th June 2017



SRF 2017: David Corley

David Corley The final addition to the line-up of the Static Roots Festival is here: David Corley and band from Lafayette, Indiana (USA)! David Corley’s 2015 debut Available Light earned international critical accolades, and featured prominently on years’ best lists […]

SRF 2017: Nadine Khouri

Nadine Khouri After a very late night out with some Kilkenny friends, it was a sunny autumn Sunday at about 1:30pm when Nadine Khouri and her band entered the stage at the great Sc4m Festival 2016 in Winchester last September. […]

SRF 2017: Torpus & The Art Directors

Torpus & The Art Directors We’ve already tried to win over this wonderful Northern German band for the Static Roots Festival 2016. But with some persistence we managed to book them for 2017. We are very much looking forward to […]

SRF 2017: David Ford

David Ford Every now and then it happens, that a newly discovered act knocks you off your socks. This guy was playing on the stereo just as we arrived on time (we’re German) to a Scottish wedding ceremony and we […]

SRF 2017: John Blek & The Rats

John Blek & The Rats I’m not kidding you: it seems like they could become some kind of mascot for the Static Roots Festival: after playing the headline slot at Static Roots 2016, John Blek & the Rats will be […]

SRF 2017: Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles

Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles Armed with a great voice, the most beautiful melodies and perfect harmonies, these guys will be an emotional highlight at the Static Roots Festival 2017 (9 / 10 June 2017). Travelling to Germany for the […]

SRF 2017: Danny And The Champions Of The World

Danny And The Champions Of The World You better bring your dancing boots to the Static Roots Festival 2017: Three times in a row voted as “UK act of the year”, the always brilliant Danny And The Champions Of The […]

SRF 2017: Jack Marks

Jack Marks & The Lost Wages Next announcement for Static Roots Festival 2017: the fabulous Canadian roots, rock&roll songsmith Jack Marks & The Lost Wages joining the festival line-up is a perfect scenario. Ever since we fell in love with […]

SRF 2017: Peter Bruntnell

You’ve patiently waited for the first line-up announcement and we’re ready to share: Peter Bruntnell & Band Static Roots Festival 2017 (9th/10th June 2017) is going to see the brilliant Peter Bruntnell with his band! “If we lived in a […]


(all pictures by Klaas Guchelaar,


David Corley

Peter Bruntnell


John Blek & The Rats


Nadine Khouri


Jack Marks


Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles


David Ford


Torpus & The Art Directors


Danny & The Champions Of The World