SRF 2017: Jack Marks

Jack Marks & The Lost Wages

Next announcement for Static Roots Festival 2017: the fabulous Canadian roots, rock&roll songsmith Jack Marks & The Lost Wages joining the festival line-up is a perfect scenario. Ever since we fell in love with his great „The Dress Song“ back in 2009 we tried to bring him over. So happy this worked out! <3

“Jack Marks is the real deal. He ups the ante for the rest of us just by being in this town… I can say without a shaving of hesitation that ‘The Dress Song’ was the best song I heard in all of 2009” – Corin Raymond

“Toronto musician Jack Marks is one of the best Canadian songwriters you’ve never heard of” –

“Jack Marks writes not only songs, but statues.” – Justin Rutledge

“Calling his music Dylanesque is an understatement, but he’s far from a faithful interpreter: For years, his originals have earned him the honour of being your favourite local songwriter’s favourite songwriter, and you’ll pretty regularly see him pop up on stage at someone else’s gig to run through one of his should-be-classics.” – AUX.TV

“I bet Jack Marks often gets asked who wrote the song he just played, because many of his tunes sound like classics, found rather than written. Rest assured he wrote all the material on his third album, Blues Like These…” – NOW, Toronto

“…Marks’s originals are what make him such an exciting talent.” – Exclaim Magazine

“…character-driven vignettes that stem from the world around him. The eternal observer, one of Toronto’s most prolific country musicians, is always ready, pen at hand, to help explain the world.” – BeatRoute Magazine

“Marks has an uncanny ability to pen clever, timeless story songs, and his band puts on a tight, inspired live show.” – NOW, Toronto

“Lyrics about outlaws, ne’er-do-wells, love and heartache could be cliché in the hands of a lesser songwriter, but Marks delivers a great collection of cleverly written songs here, sung in his signature conversational, matter-of-fact style. 8/10” – Exclaim Magazine

“This is an excellent album by a talented artist who has taken a collection of disparate songs and blended them into an album that gets better with each subsequent listening session. His raw vocals have a nice melodicism that should appeal to many more people given decent promotion and the overall entertainment factor is enhanced by several truly epic and classy songs.” –

“Jack Marks has hit the bulls eye when it comes to straight up blue-jean wearing, whisky-sipping, two-stepping country blues music. Marks has crafted a wholly endearing album of tunes that could stand up in any barroom, juke box, or country music station that I’d darken the door of, place my money on, or tune-in to.” – Amanda Putz (CBC Bandwidth)

“With a Country/Blues/Folk/Rock/Roots sound, there is no denying that Jack Marks is a star in the making and someone who you MUST see if you are any type of Music fan! So come out and check out this AMAZING Talent!” – Linsmore Tavern