SRF 2017: Danny And The Champions Of The World

Danny And The Champions Of The World

You better bring your dancing boots to the Static Roots Festival 2017: Three times in a row voted as “UK act of the year”, the always brilliant Danny And The Champions Of The World will bring their unique blend of Americana-AltCountry-Soul to the festival. Hallelujah!

“Is there a better band around on the live circuit than these guys? Err, NO! Danny’s time has surely come folks, what more can he do but keep delivering amazing shows every time and producing great, great records. This band are untouchable for me, just totally different class.” – Del Day, Radio Reverb, Brighton

“It’s never the best idea to tout a band as “the best live act” around as that’s the way arguments arise. However after three opportunities to see Danny & The Champions Of The World live in the last ten months I’m pretty convinced that I’d win any such argument and be able to back it up, slapping a copy of their new live album, Live Champs! into the nearest boom box.” –, UK

“from a band that has already proven itself time and time again, this new release seems to reach the zenith of their sound so far” – ★★★★ Mystic Sons

“An album that just burns with an affirmation for life and music – this is just the album to play with the car windows wound down!” 10/11 – The Rock Club

“a gorgeous slice of soul-infused country, with brassy trumpets and slide guitars vying for attention, and yet it is the candour and honesty of the songwriting that ultimately shines through. Danny’s voice, as ever, simply bleeds passion throughout.” – ★★★★ Outline

“A joyful riot of Caledonian soul, proud horns, country pedal steel and ballads that either break your heart or send it soaring, What Kind Of Love contains some of Danny Wilson’s greatest music yet” – Slate The Disco

“What Kind Of Love confirms, if we needed it, that Danny Wilson is one of the country’s most direct, thoughtful lyricists when addressing real human emotions.” – Even The Stars

“Danny And The Champions of the World have struck gold” ★★★★★ Renowned For Sound

“Imagine Springsteen filtered through a trunk of Stax 45s” ★★★★ – AMERICANA UK

“…sounds as if it was made in Stax Studios by a collective of Nashville’s finest Country musicians” “This is Danny and the Champions fourth album and unquestionably their finest in a long lineage that dates back to Grand Drive’s debut in 1997” – No Depression

“It’s testament to The Champs’ current status as perhaps the best live band in the UK right now as they’ve relentlessly toured on the back of their last album “Stay True” which won accolades right left and centre while they were voted best band in the Americana UK readers poll for 2013.” – AmericanaUK (“Live Champs!” review, Aug 2014)

“I’ve been fortunate enough to see the band twice this year and can honestly say that both nights were the highlights of the year so far. … In addition they can switch from country to soul to rock’n’roll almost at the drop of a hat with the show as a whole offering a variety of styles recalling the likes of Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and Otis Redding.” – Paul Kerr, Blabber’n’Smoke

“It is … like watching Bruce and his E Street Band in miniature. … These are amongst the most consummately gifted musicians you are ever likely to hear. Lead guitarist Paul Lush … delivered a performance that resembled Clapton in his pomp.“ – Townsend Around, Brighton, UK

“That said, Live Champs! features their best work, performed in the way it is best heard, by a band absolutely at the top of their game”

“They were on blistering form tonight and they proved once again that they are probably the best live band around in the UK at the moment. The Moon Club was packed, they were even standing on the stairs and they witnessed a band on the top of their game.” – Macwood Fleet

“To see Danny Wilson’s affable and oft rousing band perform their brilliant blend of alt-country and Memphis soul live is a true event in itself. Winning over the hearts and minds of all that witness their vibrant and brooding sets, now on their fourth record they’ve managed to transfer that live energy into a mini-masterpiece of UK Americana. (9/10) –, UK

“Danny Wilson proudly proclaims his band as ‘champions of the world’, while others hail them as the best live act on the UK circuit. The merits of both claims have great substance and plenty of evidence is on display each time they take to the stage. The belief Danny has in his band is undeniable and he fully understands the value of combination and co-operation.” – Three Chords and the Truth UK

“a band that seem to be getting better and better and more soulful with each release” – Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 2

“in terms of the best album of the year ‘Stay True’ is a real, real contender” – Robert Elms, BBC Radio London

“with Stay True Danny and his wonderful band have fused blues, country and even gospel to provide a truly magnificent album” (10/10) – AmericanaUK (“Stay True” album review)

“rivals Springsteen in its blue-collar brilliance” – ★★★★★ Scottish Daily Express

“Arguably one of the albums of 2013” – ★★★★ R2 Magazine

“a gold standard album for UK Americana” – ★★★★ Mojo