SRF 2017: Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles

Armed with a great voice, the most beautiful melodies and perfect harmonies, these guys will be an emotional highlight at the Static Roots Festival 2017 (9 / 10 June 2017). Travelling to Germany for the first time– the wonderful Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles from Nashville, TN, USA!

Just saw them a few weeks ago and their mesmerizing performance left me spellbound. So thrilled to seeing them again at our festival <3

“With a voice that swoons and soothes, Erin Rae makes smooth-edged music for Sunday afternoons. Her arrangements — anchored by pedal-steel guitar and the steady strum of an acoustic guitar — may be rooted in modern-day indie folk, but the songs themselves rustle up comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne, two like minded singers whose music packs a punch without breaking a sweat.” – Rolling Stone

“Singer/songwriter Erin Rae has one of those languid, honey-soaked voices that feels much older than its years and wouldn’t feel at all out of place among the ladies of Laurel Canyon, if she hadn’t been born 40 years too late. In terms of contemporaries, Rae could be likened to Laura Marling and, on the male side, Andrew Combs. That’s some pretty good company, right there.” – Bluegrass Situation

“One of my favourite up and coming singer-songwriters” – Margo Price

“Now, here’s a song that proves patience is a virtue. Rae’s delicate, detailed strokes yield an exquisite portrait of wistfulness.” – Jewly Hight NPR Music‘s “Favourite songs of 2015”

”Rae’s wonderful honeyed vocal stands out and there are delightful songs around in plenty from the unhurried title track to the aching melody of Owe You One. She is a quality act signed to the Clubhouse UK label, here’s hoping we get the opportunity to hear this set of reflective songs performed live by an artist mature beyond her years.” – Declan Culliton,

“Rae brings a refreshing, young perspective to the predictable Americana genre without pretension. Although she has spent most of the last year collaborating with other Nashville artists, her solo work stands out in a sea of endless singer-songwriters. Erin Rae has stood out as a hidden gem in plain sight, and one that will likely only attract more attention and praise through this coming year.” – Wide Open Country (“10 Rising Female Country Artists You Should Follow”)

“It’s simply beautiful. “Crazy Talk” likes somewhere between the folk/pop that has emerged from Nashville and across the pond with London’s “new folk” scene and a classic Americana sound. It’s an intimate album that makes an instant connection with the listener. When she sings, it’s as if you’re the only one in the room. It’s an album of transition, coming to terms with the truth that life isn’t exactly the way you thought it would be and coming to terms with reality, and being content with that. “ – Jameson Elder and Larry Kloess, Cause A Scene Music