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static roots festival - Germany's one and only Americana music festival: non-commercial, non-funded, independent - all for the love of music.

The Static Roots Festival - Philosophy and Vision

The Static Roots Festival is more than just a music festival - it's a passion, an attitude, and an experience that touches the souls of its participants. Established with the aim of bringing together lovers of roots, folk, and Americana music, the festival has grown into an institution over the years, offering a unique, familial atmosphere that sets it apart from other festivals.

The philosophy behind the Static Roots Festival is deeply rooted in the idea of "Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll" and places great emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming environment where artists and visitors alike feel welcome and valued. The festival strives to provide a platform for lesser-known artists and bands to showcase their talent and build a dedicated fan base.

The Static Roots Festival pursues a sustainable vision that takes into account not only the environment but also the mental well-being of participants. With the slogan "roots music to feed your soul," the festival underscores the emotional and spiritual significance of music and offers attendees a sustainable festival experience that deeply touches and inspires them.

The organizers of the Static Roots Festival are committed to making a positive contribution to society with their event. By supporting "Doctors Without Borders," they demonstrate their social commitment and set an example for compassion and solidarity. In addition, the festival also promotes emerging artists and provides them with the opportunity to present their skills in front of an international audience.

The Static Roots Festival is a place of encounter, exchange, and community. People from all over the world come together to share their love for music and experience unforgettable moments together. In a world that is becoming faster and more superficial, the Static Roots Festival stands for authenticity, depth, and the power of music to touch people's hearts and connect them with one another.

In summary, the Static Roots Festival embodies a philosophy that puts the well-being of participants, the promotion of emerging artists, and social commitment at the forefront. It is a festival that inspires its visitors to celebrate their love for music while simultaneously raising awareness of the importance of cohesion, sustainability, and solidarity.



2016 has seen the inauguration of the Static Roots Festival at Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen, Germany.

The festival 2016 was a great success. With Leeroy Stagger (CAN), The Wynntown Marshals (SCO), John Blek & The Rats (IRL), Malojian (Northern-Ireland), Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band (AUT), The Midnight Union Band (IRL), and Anna Mitchell (IRL) it was a great line-up. And if Daniel Romano (CAN) had entered the correct address into his GPS the crowd would have enjoyed him as well.


"the last real festival in the world"

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"One Of The Best Americana Music Festivals in the world"

The readers of the magazine voted the first edition of the Static Roots Festival one of the three best Americana music festivals in 2016 (next to AmericanaFest, Nashville, and Kilkenny Roots Festival, Ireland).

Holy canoli - that's a dream come true!


Static Ruhr Tour

On the festival Friday, we organize the Static Ruhr Tour. Oberhausen is in the middle of one of the most industrialized areas in Europe, the Ruhrvalley (“Ruhrgebiet”). The Ruhrvalley is a melting pot: for more than 200 years people from all over Europe (Poland, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, …) came here to find work. And they also brought their cultures. We’ll take you to iconic industrial (and non-industrial) places, we might have a local Currywurst, and a Pils beer. We want to give you an understanding of the distinctive charme of the area.


Doctors Without Borders

The Static Roots Festival is non-commercial, non-funded, and independent. All proceeds from the sale of Static Roots merch are being donated to Doctors without Borders/MdF. In combination with the 2016 festival, a fundraiser campaign for Doctors Without Borders/MSF was set up and raised about 9.050 EUR. In total from 2016 to 2023 the Static Roots Festival raised more than 20.000 EUR in support of Doctors Without Borders!

Year Donation
2016 9.050 EUR
2017 545 EUR
2018 1.200 EUR
2019 2.500 EUR
2022 4.000 EUR
2023 3.500 EUR
Total 20.795 EUR


Thanks to all the press and radio folks who took the time to check out our little Americana music festival and post a review about it. We feel absolutely chuffed!


Thanks to all the press and radio folks who took the time to check out our little Americana music festival and post a review about it. We feel absolutely chuffed!



Static Roots Festival Highlights

previous lineups & galleries

check out the previous Static Roots Festival lineups and galleries


Static Roots Festival 2016

the inaugural festival, one day, six acts (well, five plus one lost act)


Static Roots Festival 2017

the first fully public Static Roots Festival, two days, nine acts


Static Roots Festival 2018

Getting into the groove with two days and eleven acts - all of them showing up.


Static Roots Festival 2019

the first sold out Static Roots Festival. Two days featuring thirteen acts. Hallelujah!


Static Roots Festival 2022

A spectacular return after a three year hiatus!


Static Roots Festival 2023

receiving accolades: "one of the best, in any genre, anywhere!"

side projects

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stay safe sessions - square

stay safe sessions

No more live music? What am I going to do? In the early days of the pandemic we've been absolutely thinking the same. Lockdown? Social distancing? No more going out to live shows? What can we do?

We launched the "stay safe sessions" project as there is so much great music out there. We invited artists to play for our “stay safe sessions” and asked to contribute a video of one of their songs. The response has been incredible, the resulting videos are amazing. And we'll most likely keep the series alive for as long as possible.

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static roots presents

Bringing more Americana music to the Ruhr valley. We started promoting shows back in 2006, brought the house concert series at "Raumfahrtzentrum Saarner Kuppe" into life in 2007. German music magazine Folker declared it as "one of Germany's most successful house concert series". After 13 years and round about 90 shows, the pandemic set in and brought house concerts to a halt. That's why we inaugurated the static roots presents series in the summer of 2021 with promoting public shows in different local venues. The first acts booked are Jerry Joseph (USA) with Our Man In The Field (UK) and The Dimpker Brothers (SWE), Jesse Malin (USA) and The Delines (USA).

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static roots on Spotify

Music is our life. We listen to plenty of new music, receive recommendations from friends all over the world, from musicians that we see playing live shows. On Spotify we provide playlists with "songs that got us through the year". In our blog we present the songs that we've added to the playlist and we'll let you know why we think these songs are great and ought to be heard.


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