Static Roots Festival 2024: Sold Out and Stronger Than Ever!

static roots festival 2024 - sold out poster image

Static Roots Festival 2024: Sold Out and Stronger Than Ever!

Wow! We're still buzzing with excitement – the Static Roots Festival 2024 is officially SOLD OUT! This incredible milestone, achieved a full three months before the event, marks a turning point for our beloved festival.

Remember back in 2023? We kept saying how that year felt like a new beginning after the pandemic. Well, for 2024, we had a strong feeling this would be a banner year, and you, our amazing community, have proven us right!

Everywhere we turn, from other festivals to the Americana UK Music Week in London, we see the reputation of Static Roots Festival steadily growing. This sell-out is even more special because it's our second – the first one after the pandemic and a world away from our 2019 sell-out, which happened just days before the event.

For us, this is a testament to the unwavering strength of our vision. We've always believed in the power of our lineups, and this year's offering is no exception. With the incredible Static Ruhr Tour and the unforgettable Willy Vlautin reading, we've crafted an experience that's both intimate and high-quality. And let's not forget the amazing food trucks, the perfect setting at Zentrum Altenberg, and of course, the best volunteer team anyone could ask for!

But here's the thing: we know we exist in our own little bubble. There will always be music fans who wouldn't be drawn to our specific lineup – and that's perfectly alright! Our mission is to curate the best possible Americana and Roots experience for those who resonate with our vision.

The most rewarding part of this journey is witnessing the growth of our community. Year after year, we hear the mantra, "How can it get any better than this?" And year after year, we rise to the challenge, proving that an even more incredible Static Roots Festival is possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has supported us. You are the soul of Static Roots Festival, and your loyalty means the world to us.

Now, let's get ready for a truly unforgettable weekend filled with roots music to feed your soul, all wrapped up in the spirit of peace, love, rock'n'roll!