From Brainstorm to Bird – The Story Behind the 2024 Static Roots Festival Poster

from brainstorm to bird - the story behind the static roots festival 2024 poster design

We're thrilled to unveil the stunning artwork for the 2024 Static Roots Festival, designed by the incredible Juno Award-winning talent, Roberta Landreth! Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Roberta boasts a prestigious career, having collected a JUNO award, 3 Western Canadian Music Awards, and 2 Covenant Awards. From designing over 75 album covers to crafting posters for hundreds of bands and festivals, Roberta brings a wealth of experience and artistic vision to every project she tackles.

For a couple of years now, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with Roberta on the Static Roots Festival poster design. This year, we challenged her to build upon the success of last year's psychedelic masterpiece, and she soared above expectations! The 2024 design retains that signature trippy vibe, but with an exciting addition: the majestic kestrel.

The Kestrel in the 2024 Static Roots Festival Poster Design

The kestrel, a small falcon native to North America and Europe, is more than just a beautiful bird. Its keen eyesight, sharp agility, and hovering abilities symbolize the spirit of Americana music. Just like the kestrel observes the world with unwavering focus, Americana music tells stories of life's experiences with clarity and honesty. Its soaring melodies and rhythmic energy mirror the kestrel's graceful flight.

Furthermore, the kestrel, a common bird of prey in the Ruhr region of Germany, is known for its adaptability to different environments and resilience. This mirrors the essence of Americana music, which has evolved by incorporating diverse influences from folk, country, blues, and other traditional American music genres. The kestrel's ability to thrive in various habitats aligns with the genre's flexibility and enduring nature.

This symbolism resonates deeply with us here at Static Roots. In Mülheim an der Ruhr, the city just south of Oberhausen and the place where I live, a pair of kestrels gracefully inhabit the iconic church tower in the old town. There's even a webcam that allows viewers to peek into their nest – a testament to the beloved place these birds hold in our community.

But let's be honest, the kestrel would have found its way into the design even without this local connection. It's been a personal favorite of mine since childhood, and Roberta masterfully captured its essence in her artwork.

The 2024 Static Roots Festival poster is more than just an image – it's a captivating blend of artistry, symbolism, and a touch of personal connection. We can't wait to welcome you to the festival and share the electrifying energy that this year's design embodies!