Goosebumps Guaranteed: Joe Nolan Returns to Haunt Us (The Best Way Possible)

Joe Nolan talks about Static Roots Festival 2019 and plays "Blackout Drunk"

Remember 2019? The Static Roots Festival was a roaring success, selling out days in advance. But for some of us, one moment transcended the entire weekend. It wasn't the headliner, nor a band we'd anticipated. It was a young Canadian named Joe Nolan, a hidden gem unearthed in our own living room.

Just before heading to Oberhausen for the festival, Joe was casually restringing his guitar, warming up with a bluesy riff. Suddenly, the opening chords of "Blackout Drunk" from his album "Cry Baby" (our #2 pick for 2018!) filled the air. Now, this is a full-on rocker on the album, but here it was, stripped bare in our humble living room.

And then, the magic happened. Joe's voice, raw and captivating, stopped everything in its tracks. Packing forgotten, I stood there, mesmerized, goosebumps erupting all over. Every note dripped with emotion, and I knew, deep down, something special was brewing.

Fast forward to Joe's actual performance at the Zentrum Altenberg. Our hopes were high, but nothing could have prepared us for what unfolded. It was like a scene from another world. The entire room fell silent, captivated by Joe's artistry. Nobody budged, not even for a drink. Tears welled up in eyes as Joe poured his heart and soul into his music. It felt intimate, personal, as if he were singing directly to each individual.

This was the moment the Static Roots Festival, years of dedicated work, truly came alive. You can still catch a glimpse of that magic in the video of his song "Ode To Sturgeon County" It's a testament to Joe's incredible talent, and proof that some things simply translate beyond format.

Check out the video that Joe made for us, playing "Blackout Drunk"! Joe is still able to spread the magic. This version of "Blackout Drunk" perfectly captures the intimate feeling of that Festival Friday morning in 2019, when he played the song in our living room.

Here's the thing: Joe Nolan deserves the world stage. And guess what? He's on it! But he also needs your help.

Joe's currently running a crowdfunder for his brand new album, "Love in the New World." This ambitious project, five years in the making, will be recorded with Grammy-winning producer Tyler Chester (who's worked with legends like Jackson Browne and Wilco). It's a chance to be part of something special, to nurture an artist who can evoke such raw emotions.

Want to support Joe? Head over to Joe's PayPal here and contribute what you can. Every bit helps!

And hey, while you're at it, share this video with your music-loving friends. Let's spread the word about Joe Nolan's magic.

P.S. Did we mention there are only 7 tickets left for this year's Static Roots Festival? Just sayin'...