static roots on spotify – #02/2022 – The Delines | Spoon | Grant-Lee Phillips


Continuing our "static roots on Spotify" Americana music playlist for 2022, "songs that got us through the year" with three American greats: The Delines, Spoon and Grant-Lee Phillips...

songs that got us through the year - playlist

The Delines - Past The Shadows

The new single, titled "Past The Shadows", from The Delines' new album "The Sea Drift", is a smoky ballad that wraps the heartbreak of its lyrical themes in a warm blanket of horn arrangements and tenderly played keys. The accompanying video is of the full band performing "Past The Shadows" in the studio, highlighting the rich backing instrumentation that serves as the bedrock for "The Sea Drift" as well as Amy Boone's spellbinding vocal performance at the center of it all.

In our "static roots presents" series, on April 26th 2022 we present The Delines at Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen!

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Spoon - On The Radio

How come Spoon only just recently sneaked into our bubble? Rolling Stone called them „Spoon are the most reliable great American rock band of the past 25 years.“ - what? All of a sudden the instagram and Facebook news feeds were full of Spoon posts. And their recently released album "Lucifer On The Sofa" is an incredible piece of rock music. It's kind of embarrassing jumping on the Spoon train this late when even The Guardian says: "Ten albums and nearly 30 years into their career, Spoon still sound like Spoon: fresh, timeless and wholly in control of their work.". Anyhoo ... check this out:

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Grant-Lee Phillips - A Sudden Place

Grant-Lee Phillips' recently shared the single "A Sudden Place" - taken from his soon to be released album "All That You Can Dream". It's a wonderful Americana ballad. Grant-Lee Phillips explains:

"I wrote this about the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral," he says, "which I allude to in the song. How quickly our lives can change. How suddenly the monuments and institutions that define our collective identity can be altered. These were my thoughts. We would come to face this reality in the coming days of the pandemic. I think the song has actually become more relative over time."

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