static roots on spotify – #01/2022 – The Kernal | Zuster Zonnebloem | Le Ren

static roots on spotify 2022-01

Kicking off our "static roots on Spotify" Americana music playlist for 2022, "songs that got us through the year" with The Kernal, Zuster Zonnebloem, Le Ren...

songs that got us through the year - playlist

The Kernal - U DO U

For a couple of years now, we are following The Kernal on his musical journey. "U DO U" is the opening track on his recent album release "Listen To The Blood" which is an amazing piece of music. Joe Garner, The Kernal, calls his music "diet country" - a diet we'd happily go on. What an energy!

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Zuster Zonnebloem - Winds Of Change

Spotify was shuffling in the background when all of a sudden this intense and powerful voice attracted my attention. Coincidentally it was their song "Law of Attraction". The name of the Dutch band is "Zuster Zonnebloem" which translates to "Sister Sunflower" and it perfectly fits their 70s hippiesque and psychedelic musical style. Check out the energetic live performance in this video of their song "Winds Of Change" (which has nothing to do with the Scorpions' version). It's incredible!

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Le Ren - Who's Going To Hold Me Next?

Speaking of great voices: Le Ren's debut album "Leftovers" is one of the finest folk albums we've heard in a while. The warmth and soulfulness of her voice, the harmonies, the melodies, the storytelling - it's a piece of beauty.

Paste Magazine says: "There’s a transformative fluidity sleeping in the heart of Leftovers’ tracklist. It’s baroque. It’s Americana. It’s country and Western. Heartbreak incantation “Who’s Going To Hold Me Next?” could soundtrack the last-call serenade of a honky-tonk bar"

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songs that got us through the year

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