SRF 2017: Nadine Khouri

Nadine Khouri

After a very late night out with some Kilkenny friends, it was a sunny autumn Sunday at about 1:30pm when Nadine Khouri and her band entered the stage at the great Sc4m Festival 2016 in Winchester last September. The festival organizer, Oliver Gray, kept raving about Nadine for quite some time so I was very keen on seeing her show. And she instantly won me over: a mesmerizing show, a wonderful warm voice, sound threads coalescing into the most beautiful songs. Blown away! Totally reminded me of one of the best shows I’ve ever seen: The Barr Brothers at Kilkenny Roots Festival 2015! We are very much looking forward to seeing Nadine Khouri and her great band at the Static Roots Festival 2017 (Oberhausen, Germany)!

“Nadine Khouri is one of those artists that demands to be listened to with every ounce of attention in the room. Even in her accapella moments, and times of off-beat silence and slow-build, the audience is held to her every movement. Hearing her is almost a religious experience, and how fitting that tonights show be held in a small chapel. The depth of her song writing and ability to turn chords and changes evokes something deep within the listener… As an artist she is very quiet and candid on stage, but when in full voice has the capacity to hold the entire audience to a whisper.” – Mostly Ferocious

“I am tonight minded to think of one of the very best writers and singers that I had the privilege to meet in London, that being Nadine Khouri. I read from her website that she is currently concentrating on writing and recording new material, which is excellent news. Also, she told me a few weeks ago via email that she and the band would like to bring their show to more venues around the UK, which I would regard as unmissable.” – East Portland Blog

“London-based Nadine Khouri is stronger than you think. Her’s is a musical strength born out of vulnerability and a penchant for bearing her soul. Not for the sake of it, but to connect us to her beautiful truth, a painful past and her optimistic creativity. Her latest release, “You Got A Fire,” reads more like self-observation than anything else. Here, Nadine’s style is sparse, almost bare bones (reminiscent of her beautifully haunting song To Sleep). Nadine’s is a singing voice caught in the low-branches where a soul can reach it. This is song as asylum, and you’ll hang in a tangle, the last leaf fluttering upon her comforting wind.” – The Earology Dept.

“One could spend hours trying to describe Nadine Khouri’s music. I could try to give 50 musical references so it sounds sophisticated and pretend I know a lot about music history. For example, Nadine Khouri is Lou Reed feat Patti Smith Feat Radiohead but with a touch of oriental je ne sais quoi and Dylan’s acoustic sensibility. … No. I will stop here, because I wouldn’t do the music any justice at describing how it sounds like. Nadine Khouri’s music is mesmerizing, whether it is the guitar, the ukulele, the violin or her unique, soothing, mystical voice.” – The London Y

“A gravely, female voice sings modern, alternative torch-songs and the atmosphere is so mesmerizing, so fascinating you wish this late night moment would last forever.” – Cracked Reviews

“Meditative, spectral dreamscapes … extraordinary voice: a fragile, sensuous instrument” – Mojo

„Lush, dreamy songwriting with a gilded edge… Deliciously moody” – Clash Music

„Nadine Khouri has always had the ability to make quietness and subtlety sound huge and mean more than it possibly could […] The overwhelming breathless cool of Nadine’s voice is something that you cannot go without hearing.” – The 405

„Stunning – sometimes the strongest words are softly spoken” – Tasty Fanzine