Oops! #StaticLeaks reveals The Sadies at Static Roots Festival 2024


Breaking News from the World of Unintentional Spoilers!

Hello, music fans! If you’ve been following the Static Roots Festival closely (and who hasn't?), you might have noticed something unusual popping up online. It seems our friends at Sedate Bookings were so excited about The Sadies joining our lineup that they couldn’t keep it under wraps. Yes, you guessed it - #staticleaks strikes again!

In a classic 'whoops' moment, Sedate Bookings let slip their tour dates for July 2024, including a very special stop on Friday, July 12th, right here at the Static Roots Festival. Talk about spilling the beans... or should we say, spilling the tunes?

So, let's make the best of this little leak! We're thrilled (even if a bit prematurely) to announce that the phenomenal Canadian band The Sadies will be gracing our stage as part of their tour. It seems the cat's out of the bag, or in this case, the band's on the stage!

The Sadies, known for their eclectic blend of everything from country twang to psychedelic rock, are set to make this their last gig on the tour. And what a finale it will be! We're talking guitars, grooves, and a little bit of that famous Sadies magic that has captivated audiences for nearly three decades.

We would have loved to surprise you with this announcement a bit later, but hey, in the era of #staticleaks, who needs suspense? Besides, it gives you more time to get just as excited as we are!

So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and maybe send a thank-you note to Sedate Bookings for their eagerness. The Static Roots Festival is about to get a dose of The Sadies, and it's going to be epic, leak or no leak.

Remember, it's not just a festival; it's a celebration of music, surprises (intended or otherwise), and the joy of coming together. And if this leak is anything to go by, who knows what other surprises we might 'accidentally' reveal?

Stay tuned, and keep an eye out for more #staticleaks - because sometimes, the best announcements are the ones you weren't expecting!

Tickets? Oh, they're on sale. Keep your eyes peeled and browsers refreshed. You wouldn’t want to miss another accidental reveal, would you?

See you at Static Roots Festival 2024!