Where to stay

There are many options to stay in and around of Oberhausen. We have a few recommendations for you:




There are two close by hotels:

NH Hotel Oberhausen ****

The NH Hotel Oberhausen is less than a ten minutes walk from the venue. Google Maps does not know, you can walk straight through the train station so the hotel is almost around the corner.

Akzent Hotel Oberhausen ***

Same distance, other direction is the Akzent Hotel Oberhausen. Check out the route here.

Of course, there are many other establishments, especially around the CentrO area. We cannot recommend the ANA Soul Hotel Oberhausen though, as they have fully charged the festival after the pandemic cancellation in 2020.




Sadly there are no camping sites in Oberhausen and since the Static Roots Festival is an indoor event, there are no camping options on site.

But if you are in a lucky position of owning a camper van, there are a two motor home parks in Oberhausen:

Ruhrstadt West

Niebuhrstr. 61-71
46049 Oberhausen
phone: +49 208 860072
fax: +49 208 860071
email: info(at)

Am Kaisergarten

Am Kaisergarten
46049 Oberhausen
phone: +49 208 824570
email: infocenter(at)




Check out apartements on AirBnB here

Or have a look at trivago’s hotel options here.

special option B&B Hotel

Mülheim an der Ruhr


You wouldn’t actually look up Mülheim for an accommodation when you’re at a venue in Oberhausen. On the other hand, the venue in Oberhausen is just two minutes away from Oberhausen train station. The B&B Hotel Mülheim is fairly new, clean, and low price. And it’s less than a five minutes walk from Mülheim train station.

The train between Oberhausen and Mülheim is just eight minutes and there are trains going almost all night long.