LonesomeHighway.com interview with Dietmar Leibecke on 103.2 Dublin City FM

"growing interest in Ireland and the UK"


In their radio show LonesomeHighway.com on 103.2 Dublin City FM from July 1st 2019, Declan Culliton, Stephen Rapid, and Paul McGee talked to Dietmar Leibecke of Static Roots Festival about the festival's history and the growing interest in Ireland and the UK.


Link and playlist to today's Lonesome Highway Show on 103.2 Dublin City FM-

The Royal Hounds – The Walk
Buddy & Julie Miller – Breakdown on 20th Ave. South
Josh Ritter – All Some Kind Of Dream
Jade Jackson – Dust
Norrie McCulloch – Dear Lady Blue
Interview with Dietmar LeibeckeStatic Roots Festival
Six Mile Grove – The Radio
Sam Outlaw - Humility

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