Dixie Rose @ Static Roots Festival 2022

members left the band

Dixie Rose cancel their appearance

Update 20 May 2022: due to the sudden leave of two band members, the Belgian band Dixie Rose won't be able to play the Static Roots Festival 2022 🙁



We are very much looking forward to seeing the first Belgian band playing the Static Roots Festival!



Dixie Rose is a Belgian band initiated by the songwriting duo Dag Luyten en Anniek Raedschelders. Songs about life and love, about soul-searching and inspiring encounters, about joys and struggles
things that everyone can relate to.

You can expect music that combines influences from country, pop, Americana, blues
. and much more. Heartfelt lyrics guided by beautiful arrangements and vocal harmonies that will transport you into the stories they tell.



"A tight band with a great sound! As a bluegrass fan I notice a touch of Allison Krauss."

Sean d'Hondt / Q-music

"Dixie Rose's 'Life In A Small Town' is an excellent debut EP. Those who love country and folk music will certainly enjoy this album"

concert monkey

"Dixie Rose is showing up with a lot of verve. We can expect the six piece band to quickly become one of the main acts in the Belgian music scene. Excellent debut, that makes you look forward to more!"