Static Roots Festival 2022

Robert Jon & The Wreck @ Static Roots Festival 2022

Robert Jon & The Wreck “The Top of Southern Rock” About Robert Jon & The Wreck are a double shot of southern rock with a blues chaser. Roots rock jams, whiskey drenched lyrics and fervent stage shows only scratch the […]

Early-Bird-Tickets sold out!

Unbelievable Thanks for all your support and buying an early-bird-ticket. Within just nine days we sold all 200 early-bird-tickets – that’s mental! The final 100 tickets will soon become available via AdTicket…

Jesse Dayton @ Static Roots Festival 2022

JESSE DAYTON With his mix of outlaw country and blues, rock’n’roll and some punkrock, we think Jesse Dayton from Beaumont, TX, USA, is a great addition to the line up of the Static Roots Festival 2020. About “If you open […]

Treetop Flyers @ Static Roots Festival 2022

TREETOP FLYERS London-based soulful, country rock outfit Treetop Flyers weave blissful, sixties-tinged west coast Americana with a British rock ‘n’ roll swagger. Their fourth album comes out in the summer 2020 – right in time for the Static Roots Festival […]

Dixie Rose @ Static Roots Festival 2022

DIXIE ROSE We are very much looking forward to seeing the first Belgian band playing the Static Roots Festival! About Dixie Rose is a Belgian band initiated by the songwriting duo Dag Luyten en Anniek Raedschelders. Songs about life and […]

Gabi Garbutt & The Illuminations @ Static Roots Festival 2022

GABI GARBUTT & The Illuminations Expect the unexpected: an uplifting blend of northern soul, punk, alt-folk and rock’n’roll, Gabi Garbutt’s expressive, captivating performances are backed by the pulsating electric sounds and sweet harmonies of her band, The Illuminations. About “Everything […]

Native Harrow @ Static Roots Festival 2022

NATIVE HARROW The critics love their album “Happier Now” as the band takes you on a journey through time to the flower power era of peace, love and rock’n’roll. Loose Music’s new star Native Harrow from Woodstock, NY, USA, will […]

Vandoliers @ Static Roots Festival 2022

Vandoliers (US) Vandoliers are very much part of the next wave of Texas music scene. The Dallas / Forth Worth Six-man band channels everything that makes the vast state unique; tradition, boldness and train. As they tread along muddy roads […]

Pete Gow & The Siren Strings @ Static Roots Festival 2022

PETE GOW & The Siren Strings “If you are an existing fan of the music prescribed by this genre, then it is unlikely you will see a show like this anywhere else.” About Pete Gow’s highly-anticipated solo album, Here There’s […]