ticket refund for Static Roots Festival 2020

Following the official postponement of the Static Roots Festival, we have some information about refunding your tickets for this year’s event. As previously announced, our next festival will happen July 9-10, 2021. For now, it seems we will be able to keep the exact same lineup, so we won’t miss any of the great acts that we were so looking forward to this year.

How to?

Some of you have already offered to donate the ticket money to support the festival and we are extremely grateful for your thoughtful kindness. Because we don’t directly handle the sales, it isn’t easy for us to accept your generosity or apply the amount to next year. We love you all and assure you that we’ll be back and are in no danger of giving up because of one lost year.

Understandably, some have asked for a ticket refund and in these uncertain and challenging times, that is an absolutely appropriate course of action. As we sold limited hard tickets through PayPal and the other part of the tickets via AdTicket, there are two different ways to ask for a refund:

PayPal: please forward your PayPal confirmation email from your ticket purchase to info(at)staticrootsfestival.de and we will immediately take care of the refund.

AdTicket: in the coming days we will cancel the AdTicket event. AdTicket will then send out an email to the ticket purchasers and inform about the cancellation. In this email you’ll find a button to start the refund process.

Donating your ticket money

We would, however, like you to consider supporting our important allies and friends at Zentrum Altenberg. Like so many music venues, our beloved, independent Zentrum Altenberg is struggling and unsure of the long-term survival of the venue without any incoming revenue during this prolonged shutdown.

Without the Zentrum Altenberg, there would not be a Static Roots Festival

From our first contact back in 2015, the venue has been incredibly supportive of the festival. Their team is great fun to work with and they are amazing professionals. We as a festival definitely need the Zentrum Altenberg as it’s ideal for the event: the friendly people, the big room, the stage, the lights, the sound, the bar staff, the outdoor patio. All the friendships and beautiful memories that have grown over the years. And all of this on a wonderful historical landmark. It’s simply a perfect combination. Although the festival has grown and we did have to turn people away last year, at this point we hope to not have to consider moving somewhere else, because it feels like home for the festival.

So, if you are in a position to donate your ticket money and don’t need a refund, all money not refunded will go straight to Zentrum Altenberg. The venue has been so supportive to us, and with your help we can give some love back to them in hopes that they’ll still be there for us long into the future. We greatly appreciate anyone who is able and willing to support the venue that is so important to us all.

We are truly sorry to hear that most of you weren’t able to receive a refund for their hotel bookings. It’s an unfortunate problem that the festival is also facing. We wish we could be of more assistance there. It truly is frustrating and disappointing.

To shorten the time until our next festival in 2021, we have a few fun things planned for you in the pipeline. We’ll keep you posted.

Until then stay safe, stay sane, and keep your spirits up - we all will shine again next summer