early-bird-tickets available from Monday, Jan 6th 2020

Early Bird Tickets available from Monday, Jan. 6th 2020

From Monday, Jan. 6th 2020, a limited set of early bird tickets (hard tickets) will be available through the website.

Although we are still non-profit and non-sponsored (we’re doing it all for the love of music and camaraderie), we are raising the ticket price for the early-bird-tickets from 48 EUR to 53 EUR. It helps us to reduce our private funding of the event and at the same time to make sure that we can still book the great acts you used to experience at the Static Roots Festival.

When we sold out the Static Roots Festival for the first time in 2019, lots of people were sad because they wanted to buy their tickets at the door and finally failed to get in. So please make sure to buy your ticket in advance.

Thanks again for all your great support. It’s you who make the Static Roots Festival a very special event! <3