The Barflies @ Static Roots Festival 2022

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The Barflies

Playing in remembrance of the late, great Willie Meighan, the legendary The Barflies from Kilkenny, Ireland!



If you have ever been to the brilliant Kilkenny Roots Festival in Ireland, you know it can be a quite exhausting four days. Plenty of years ago at our first trip to the Kilkenny Roots, we left on the Monday morning not knowing what we were going to miss.

A few days after our return to Germany, our friend Willie Meighan, The Boss, told us that the Monday is where it's all happening and even if there are only a few gigs taking place, he recommended to stay a day longer the next time.

While there are two or three gigs in the afternoon of the Roots Monday, The Barflies are ringing in the night at the fabulous Ryan's Bar. You have got to be early if you want to attend the show from inside because it's always going to be packed.

With their energetic performance, The Barflies make everyone join in and sing along. Experiencing their live performances is pure joy. The Barflies make you realize, we're in this together. It's a celebration of life.

And with their show, The Barflies bring back the energy needed for the long hours ahead.

The Barflies are playing the Static Roots Festival 2020 in remembrance of the late, great Willie Meighan, who has been a friend, an inspiration and mentor in setting up the Static Roots Festival:



While preparing this announcement, I stumbled across a post from another inspirational friend, Roisin Erin Knopek, who also died way too young.

She already knew in July 2019, that The Barflies were going to play the Static Roots Festival 2020. We'll sure raise a glass to you as well, Roisin!