“launched for all the right reasons” – Bucketfull of Brains about Static Roots

Static Roots: The story of a festival

Nick West (Bucketfull of Brains) with a great write-up about the Static Roots Festival: the (short history), a look back at the Static Roots Festival 2019, and a lookout at what’s to come in 2020:

“This is a story about a music festival in Germany that was launched for all the right reasons, succeeded without compromising its original spirit, and now looks forward with justifiable optimism to its fifth iteration this coming July.”

“The Static Roots Festival is a two-day event held in the town of Oberhausen in the Ruhr valley; it has succeeded in attracting music fans from across Europe, who recognise its kinship to more established events such as Kilkenny Roots, Orange Blossom Special, and Take Root, without lessening its appeal to the residents in that most populous of regions.

That Static Roots exists and happens is down to Dietmar Leibecke, a music fan living in the nearby town of Mulheim.”

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