stay safe sessions present ICECREAM HANDS – Can You Feel My Love – world premiere

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"Australia's Iconic Power Pop Group"

Join us for the virtual world premiere of Icecream Hands’ new single “Can You Feel My Love”, free to the public, on Feb. 10 at 10 am GMT, 11 am CET, 9 pm AEDT

We'll be premiering the video on our YouTube channel.

We are over the moon about the cooperation with "Australia's iconic power pop group", Icecream Hands.

Their 2020 album release "NO WEAPON BUT LOVE" is pure awesomeness. Their music tickles all the right spots, the melodies are simply perfect, the harmonies are gold, the jangling guitars add to the utter beauty of the music.

If you like Big Star, The Beatles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers you sure love these guys.

In episode #017 of our "stay safe sessions" we are presenting the world premiere of the video release for the single "CAN YOU FEEL MY LOVE" on Feb 10th:

  • 10 am GMT (London)
  • 11 am CET (Berlin)
  • 9 pm AEDT (Melbourne, Australia)

Can you feel our love for Icecream Hands?

what the press says

Lets have a look

music trust e-zine

“for a masterclass in not just the art of songwriting but the joy of melody and message, you can start with No Weapon But Love.”


music trust e-zine

“They arrived at a time when grunge guitars ruled and a band that took inspiration from Beatles, Badfinger and Big Star records was not quite of the moment.”

music journalist

Bernard Zuel

Icecream Hands songs are “ unfussy you figure it’s the kind of thing that anyone with an ounce of talent could probably pull it off. Except they don’t. Certainly not as often and as lasting as this. As joyful and satisfying as this. Thirteen years on, still a bloody marvellous band. One of the best purveyor of melodic pop music made with guitars/bass/drums this country has given us“



“No Weapon But Love is a Pop Rock masterpiece. There's nothing about what they do that is Rocket Science. They just know what they are doing. The band has four part harmonies which means they could do Beach Boys harmonies all day, however they choose to spread these vocals sparingly. This is all pretty close to Power Pop without any of the I Love You Yes I do. At times, there is a real Tom Petty feel. ...The band are essentially proudly Australian.”