static roots on spotify – #13/2021 – Zach Schmidt, S.G. Goodman, The Rose Petals

static roots on spotify #13/2021
songs that got us through the year - playlist

The Rose Petals - Lemonade Lucy

„There is no bad time for good news“

The other day we stumbled across an album review which mentioned the influences of the band: Paisley Underground and the 80s Athens, Georgia scene. As the Paisley Underground was the eye opener for the development of my musical taste in the early 80s we had to give the album a listen and it‘s brilliant: jangling guitars, beautiful harmonies, some Green on Red organ sound every now and then, fantastic melodies. The album has been playing probably a dozen times this week and it's supposed to be played again.

Check out this beautiful tune - The Rose Petals - Lemonade Lucy

songs that got us through the year - playlist

S.G. Goodman - Space And Time

We were instantly spellbound after hearing the first words, the voice and S.G. Goodman's vibrato, the atmosphere, the production - this is just brilliant songwriting!

"I never want to leave this world,
without saying I love you,
without saying what you mean to me.
You know it makes me happy,
when we share this space and time

Oh, and out in the woods, this picture is clear to me
I owe my life to even my enemies
The ones who have loved me, the ones who have tried
Their grips on my heart and their grips on my mind"

Check out this mindblowing live performance in the YouTube video. This song had to become part of our "songs that got us through the year" playlist on Spotify. You can buy S.G.'s fantastic album "Old Time Feeling" here.

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Zach Schmidt - I Can't Dance

Finally something new from Zach Schmidt and how good is it? "Raise A Banner" is a smashing album produced by Sadler Vaden and recorded with Jason Isbell's backing band, The 400 Unit.

"I Can't Dance" is the first single off the album, a rocking love song with some solid guitar playing. "I can't dance the night away if I ain't got you".

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songs that got us through the year

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