static roots on spotify – #14/2021 – The Marfa Tapes, St. Catherine’s Child, Doc Feldman & The Alt + Cntry + Delete

static roots on spotify #14/2021
songs that got us through the year - playlist

Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall - The Wind's Just Gonna Blow

The origin story of the album “The Marfa Tapes” finds this wonderful trio of country musicians traveling to the small Texas town Marfa to find their music’s rawer roots and provide evidence that working with less is an opportunity for so much more.

"It's hard to see the writin'
On the wall that I keep fightin'
My eyes are closed, my fists are clenched
Tryna find forgiveness is like breaking into prison
Gettin' caught up on a razor wire fence

Always give it one more day
Thunder clouds roll away
I already know
Dust ain't ever gonna settle
The wind's just gonna blow

I used to make you love me
Laugh and want to touch me
Now I drink alone and cry at my own jokes
Your halo's in the dresser drawer
And I don't wear my ring no more
Kids and time will learn to love us both

We both hate to see it end
Skies are getting dark again
It's time for me to go
Dust ain't ever gonna settle
The wind's just gonna blow

Sing along storms never last
Bad times, they all pass
For me and you they don't
Dust ain't ever gonna settle
The wind's just gonna blow"

Ain't that a beauty of a song?

songs that got us through the year - playlist

St. Catherine's Child - Connecticut River

Another stunning artist from Liverpool, UK, added to our playlist: St. Catherine's Child is the folk-Americana project of Ilana Zsigmond. Ilana about the song "Connecticut River":

"in a lot of ways, connecticut river is much more than a breakup song - it is a song about being in a great big rush. the impatient jitteriness that accompanies large personalities in small towns is the same thing that pushes us to grow, spread wings, and meet new people. but it also does a really good job of distracting from the fleeting, fragile beauty of the simpler things in life: hometowns, old friends, first loves. if i had a penny for every time someone told me in high school to Just Slow Down, i'd be in a very different place.

now, from across an ocean, connecticut and its hazy glow of nostalgia is a constant reminder of the things that make me who i am. of formative experiences that took place in sprawling suburbs, of making silly movies with my best friend, and of trialing lots of different haircuts and questionable shoe choices. it is a reminder that, no matter how urgent the need to move onto bigger and better things might be, everybody once in a while really needs to Just Slow Down. take some video, feel all of the emotions, marvel at the beautiful places that we inhabit - after all, what's the hurry?"
songs that got us through the year - playlist

Doc Feldman & The Alt+Cntry+Delete - San Antonio Missions

Eight years after his debut album "Sundowning At The Station", Doc Feldman released "A Healthy Dose Of Anxiety", an album full of amazing songs. "San Antonio Missions" is a piano-led ballad which instantly won us over.

„It‘s late September and the cornfields burn
In the light of the setting sun
I‘ll let my legs carry me home
’cause my mind is done

In the end though, I‘m going home
I still get lost sometimes
over those rumble strips
and broken yellow lines

My thoughts became delusions
and then fading memories
take me to the missions
and leave me be“

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songs that got us through the year

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