The Enduring Connection Between Static Roots and Kilkenny Roots Festival


The Enduring Connection Between Static Roots and Kilkenny Roots Festival

As we approach another exciting edition of the Static Roots Festival, it's essential to acknowledge the roots (pun intended) of our beloved gathering. Our festival's origin story is deeply intertwined with the Kilkenny Roots Festival in Ireland, a festival that has inspired and influenced the creation and growth of Static Roots.

In 2016, a series of personal anniversaries inspired the idea of hosting a festival as the perfect way to celebrate these milestones. We sought to create a unique event that would cater to a niche but passionate audience, and the Kilkenny Roots Festival served as the perfect model.

From our first visit to the Kilkenny Roots Festival in 2013, we were captivated by the overwhelming sense of community, love, and passion for music that defined the event. It was more than just attending a festival – it was an all-embracing experience, where everyone felt like a part of a big family.

One of the friends we made during our time in Kilkenny was Willie Meighan, the owner of Rollercoaster Records and one of the organizers of the Kilkenny Roots Festival. Willie's support and advice were invaluable in shaping the Static Roots Festival. In 2017, we lost Willie to a long illness, but his memory lives on in the festival. Each year, we dedicate a performance slot to Willie's memory, as a way of keeping his light shining brightly.

Our connection to Kilkenny Roots Festival is more than just an inspiration – it's a reminder of the kind of community we strive to foster at Static Roots. Brandi Carlile once said, after winning three Grammys, "Americana music is the island of the misfit toys [and] I am such a misfit." We aim to create an "enduring and loving community" that embraces everyone, regardless of their background, and make them feel like they belong.

This spirit of inclusivity and acceptance is what we have experienced at the Kilkenny Roots Festival, and it's the essence of how we run Static Roots Festival. From our house concert series to the festival itself, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and everyone is carrying a burden. Our guests are not just attendees – they are friends, and together, we form a community that supports, encourages, and spreads love through the shared passion for music.

As we look forward to this year's Static Roots Festival, we celebrate the deep bond we share with the Kilkenny Roots Festival. We pay homage to the amazing community they have nurtured and to the enduring influence they have on our event. It's through this connection that we continue to grow, evolve, and ensure that Static Roots remains a celebration of Americana music and a gathering of misfit toys finding their island together.

Join us at the next edition of Static Roots Festival to experience this magical connection firsthand and become a part of our ever-growing family. Let's create new memories, forge new friendships, and celebrate the enduring love for Americana music that unites us all.