Songpickr highly recommends the Static Roots Festival

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Check out this great recommendation by the fabulous Songpickr (his blog and playlists are a great source of inspiration):

“If you are based in Europe and love Americana, I highly recommend the fantastic Static Roots Festival in Oberhausen in July. The festival is still relatively new but already has an enthusiastic fan base of music lovers and gets lots of praises from all sides. The concept developed out of a series of livingroom concerts by music lover Dietmar Leibecke who was inviting awesome bands to his home for over 10 years. This isn’t a traditional and commercialized huge event. This is a family and friends party with acts like Cordovas, Don Gallardo, John Murry, The Brother Brothers, Joe Nolan, etc. It’s not about the big names but very well curated and all about discoveries. Dietmar is an insider who keeps it real! I think I have to go myself this year…”

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Songpickr about the Static Roots Festival