Jeff Robson’s annual Static Roots Festival preview on Tell The Band To Go Home (

Static Roots Festival preview with Dietmar Leibecke

From the “Tell The Band To Go Home” website:

“Episode #795

Today a fun episode where we preview the 4th annual Static Roots Festival taking place July 12-13 in Oberhausen, Germany! Our long time friend and supporter Dietmar Leibecke joins us to go through every act on the bill this year and talk a bit about the magic!”


Jimmy LaFave – Amsterdam – Buffalo Return to the Plains
Stephen Stanley Band – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (w/Hadley McCall Thackston) – live recording – CDN
Terra Lightfoot – Never Will – live recording – CDN

The Wave Pictures – Better to Be Loved – City Forgiveness
John Murry – The Ballad of the Pajama Kid – The Graceless Age
John Blek – The Blackwater – Thistle & Thorn
The Brother Brothers – Frankie – Some People I Know
Cordovas – Salome – Cordovas
Ags Connolly – Nothin’ Unexpected – Nothin’ Unexpected

Orphan Colours – Goodnight California – All On Red
Joe Nolan – Ode to Sturgeon County – Cry Baby – CDN
Luke Tuchscherer – A Song for Jack Brown – Always Be True
Joana Serrat – Lost Battles – Dripping Springs
Don Gallardo – Shine a Light on Me – single
The Hanging Stars – Pick up the Pieces – Songs for Somewhere Else
Dawn Brothers – Got to Act – Classic
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Will We Ever Learn – Run to Me – CDN

Jon Brooks – Gulfport, MS – No One Travels Alone – CDN
Brock Zeman – Drop the Bucket – Pulling Your Sword out of the Devil’s Back – CDN
Leaf Rapids – Citizen Alien – Citizen Alien – CDN – WPG
Oh Susanna – Parallel Rail – Johnstown – CDN

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