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Jeff Robson’s annual Static Roots Festival preview on Tell The Band To Go Home (umfm.com)

Static Roots Festival preview with Dietmar Leibecke

From the “Tell The Band To Go Home” website:

“Episode #795

Today a fun episode where we preview the 4th annual Static Roots Festival taking place July 12-13 in Oberhausen, Germany! Our long time friend and supporter Dietmar Leibecke joins us to go through every act on the bill this year and talk a bit about the magic!”


Jimmy LaFave – Amsterdam – Buffalo Return to the Plains
Stephen Stanley Band – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (w/Hadley McCall Thackston) – live recording – CDN
Terra Lightfoot – Never Will – live recording – CDN

The Wave Pictures – Better to Be Loved – City Forgiveness
John Murry – The Ballad of the Pajama Kid – The Graceless Age
John Blek – The Blackwater – Thistle & Thorn
The Brother Brothers – Frankie – Some People I Know
Cordovas – Salome – Cordovas
Ags Connolly – Nothin’ Unexpected – Nothin’ Unexpected

Orphan Colours – Goodnight California – All On Red
Joe Nolan – Ode to Sturgeon County – Cry Baby – CDN
Luke Tuchscherer – A Song for Jack Brown – Always Be True
Joana Serrat – Lost Battles – Dripping Springs
Don Gallardo – Shine a Light on Me – single
The Hanging Stars – Pick up the Pieces – Songs for Somewhere Else
Dawn Brothers – Got to Act – Classic
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Will We Ever Learn – Run to Me – CDN

Jon Brooks – Gulfport, MS – No One Travels Alone – CDN
Brock Zeman – Drop the Bucket – Pulling Your Sword out of the Devil’s Back – CDN
Leaf Rapids – Citizen Alien – Citizen Alien – CDN – WPG
Oh Susanna – Parallel Rail – Johnstown – CDN

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