Bucketfull Of Brains: “a well established success story”

Static Roots Festival preview by Nick West

(Bucketfull of Brains)

“This coming Thursday I’m off to Germany. I’ve been many times previously but always to Hamburg and always to see music there with my great pal Karl Kruger. Sadly we lost Karl just after Easter last year and so this marks the beginning of a new chapter. But there is continuity in that it was during a visit to Hamburg, and at a show at the feted MusicStar in Nordestedt where I met Dietmar Liebecke. Dietmar being the man behind the Static Roots Festival in Oberhausen which is where I’m bound. .

That meeting was in early 2015 when Static Roots was still a glint in Dietmar’s eye; this coming weekend’s festival is the fourth and it’s already a well-established success story. For this year it has been possible, one more time, to increase the line-up which shows thirteen, very strong and very varied, acts scheduled. Here’s a little preview of who’s playing; if you can get there and you’re quick I’m sure you can still get a ticket.”

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