ROOKIE – Hold On Tight – episode #013

ROOKIE - Hold On Tight

Static Roots Festival - stay safe sessions - episode #013

One of the most refreshing albums of the year

One of the most refreshing rock’n’roll albums of the year has been released by six matching jumpsuit-clad, shaggy-haired friends from Chicago, ROOKIE. Their self-titled debut album is one of the most played albums over here. It’s so good - we felt inclined to use the intro riff of their song “Sunglasses” for the videos in our “stay safe sessions” series.

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ROOKIE’s modern take on timeless American rock ‘n’ roll pulls from all corners of the sonic map; it’s familiar but fresh, lived-in but blown-out. It’s the ‘70s/’80s pop-rock sheen of Cheap Trick, three-minute precision songwriting of Big Star, loose Neil Young Americana, and hazy, psych-flavored boogie of the Allman Brothers and Thin Lizzy. Though barely able to comfortably fit on most stages, once they’re plugged in and smooshed together it’s a potent blend of power chords, blistering leads, and performance prowess beyond their years.

For our “stay safe sessions” ROOKIE contributed the song “Hold On Tight”.

We put together the “stay safe sessions” series not only to present great music and amazing talents, but also to support the musicians during these difficult times.

If you would like to support ROOKIE, please PayPal to:

Stay Safe!


executive producer: Dietmar Leibecke,
intro/post production: Frank Koch,
intro riff: Rookie - Sunglasses,

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