stay safe sessions – introduction


We’ve been teasing you for a little while about the “stay safe sessions” without letting you know in detail what it’s all about.

As we postponed the Static Roots 2020 to 2021 and will most likely have the exact same line-up, we still want to support and promote great acts and present new talents. There is so much fabulous music out there and you know that our programming for the Static Roots Festival and other shows has always centered around quality music. We know you love the good stuff as much as we do.

We have invited artists to play for our “stay safe sessions” and to provide a video of one of their songs. The response so far has been incredible, the resulting videos are amazing.

No Irish or Scottish ever said “Pace yerself”: we would actually love to release all the videos at once but it’s probably better to pace ourself to let every song sink in. And wait in excitement for the next video.

The post production for the first few videos has finished today and we will shortly release the first video. Today we are presenting a little video teaser.

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However, we are also preparing some online stream sessions and at the same time we are working on a video production team so we will be able to record live performances when things will be back to normal. Whenever that may be. All for the love of music, and in support of some amazing artists.

Thanks go out to Frank Koch, Studio Koch, for his great job on creating the trailer for the “stay safe sessions”, the introduction, and the post production. And for keeping up with our demanding workload.

The soundtrack to the trailer for our “stay safe sessions” is taken from the song “Sunglasses” by the fantastic band ROOKIE from Chicago, US.

Check out this short trailer. We hope you’ll like it.