Win a t-shirt – Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype background images

Static Roots Festival is calling

Are you missing the Static Roots Festival? You still have to be patient, but you can already bring a beautiful piece of the Static Roots Festival home - with our festival backgrounds. These killer pictures have all been taken by our festival photographer, Klaas Guchelaar, and you can use them exactly where you are most often these days: in your video calls.

Show your colleagues and friends how much you miss the Static Roots Festival and with a little luck we'll send you a t-shirt with our brand new "stay safe sessions" logo!

We'll have the competition running until August 31st and then we will be raffling off a t-shirt.

How to take part

Simply use one of our festival backgrounds from the gallery below in your next video call (Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom) and then send us a screenshot of it via e-mail to info(at)

1. Select your favorite background from the gallery
2. Download the background image (right click, download picture)
3. In the video call, upload to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype as background
4. Take a screenshot of you in the video call and send it via e-mail to info(at)

You can increase your chance of winning, if you participate several times with different festival backgrounds.