The Boaty McBoatface poll is over – stay safe sessions logo

stay safe sessions - poll is over

We asked and you chose a winner

Thanks for joining our Facebook and instagram poll for a new logo design. The poll has ended with a clear winner. On a design platform we started a competition and ended up with almost 35 different designs. From these 35 designs we selected our four favourites and asked you to decide.

The Facebook poll

The Winner

In total we received 84 votes, 70 of those votes were given to the design from a Chilean design studio:


Stay Safe Sessions Logo - black

Read what our friend, Anne Mohn, wrote so eloquently:

# 3 is my favourite because of the overall design. Circle as in circle of friends/music lovers spanning the globe. The colours work well on white and black. Has the strongest visual connection to the festival logo.”

And we totally agree! Folks, you got good taste <3

We’ll let you know soon what the stay safe sessions project is all about.