Static Roots Festival goes “dia de los muertos”

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posters and postcards

For a long time we've been favouring design in the "dia de los muertos" style. Artists like Dolan Geiman or Mike Egan create some fascinating objects. Just recently when we received the latest Mavericks album, we were blown away by the artwork - created by Dolan Geiman!

A wonderful inspiration. The inspiration to create some artwork for the Static Roots Festival.

The Mavericks

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With Hektor Sty from Mexico we hired an excellent designer who created some wonderful illustrations based on iconic pictures taken by our photographer Klaas Guchelaar at the Static Roots Festival 2019.

Receiving the final prints on Fuji velvet silk paper was a mindblowing experience. This paper delivers high quality prints on a silk surface, with a vibrant colour reproduction, and pure whites. The posters and postcards turned out absolutely gorgeous.

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