static roots on spotify – #02/2021 – The Pink Stones, Michael Robert Murphy, Trevor Beld Jimenez

songs that got us through the year - playlist

The Pink Stones - Blueberry Dream

A new release on New West Records that turned us into instant fans.

The "under the radar magazine" says about The Pink Stones' single "Blueberry Dream":

"The record’s opener and first single, “Blueberry Dream” is the perfect introduction to the band’s sharp mix of styles. The chiming instrumentation, wistful vocals, and ringing pedal steel are pure country, while the song also has hints of rock grit and dreamy psychedelic melodies. Add in a wonderfully catchy sing-along chorus and some trippy lyrical romanticism and you have a tight introduction to the band’s style. The Pink Stones already are a fresh, left-of-field addition to the world of cosmic country.

Pinkston says of the song, "'Blueberry Dream' is a tune we shuffled in and out of our set for a while before the pandemic. It’s got a little psychedelia, a lotta country, and a nice pop floor to stand on. It was a fun one to record as well because we had that pretty Leslie speaker spinning on the guitar.”"

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Michael Robert Murphy - Dry Those Tears

When we heard this brilliant song for the first time, Michael Robert Murphy's voice sounded like Danny & The Champions Of The World frontman, Danny George Wilson. Which is a clear advantage.

Michael Robert Murphy about "Dry Those Tears":

"This one is me at my most vulnerable. I wanted to write openly and honest about how I felt and a solo project enabled me to do this for the first time. It's a ballad with a country feel (hugely owed to legend Scott Poley Music and his pedal Steel) harnessing the spirit of Beck 's Sea Change. It was the first track Recorded in the session done in an amazing studio located right off the Cains Brewery Village called The Cabin , which began with me doing a take with me singing sat on a tool with an acoustic to capture the emotion, which was kept in the mix and gave the song its genuine heartbeat. The song was immediately the favourite from the session and family and my dearest friends have all said it's their favourite. Very proud of this one regardless and a it's very special song for me and Natasha Murphy "

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Trevor Beld Jimenez - Comeback Kid

Perfect Sunday morning listening pleasure and Trevor's album "I Like It Here" on Curation Records is one of our early contenders for "album of the year":

“The past few years have been a blessing of cosmic country, often leaning towards an embrace of the past — landing between the Burritos’ blurred swagger and Crazy Horse’s toughened wander into the rough hills. Veteran songwriter Trevor Beld Jimenez slips between the salt-scrubbed breezes to bring a vision that’s pulled away from this Kodachrome prism of ‘70s country rock. He’s still reaching into the auburn arms of the California sun, but this is steeped in a more AOR, AM radio softness. “Comeback Kid” turns away from the glare that others embrace to find itself aligning with an unlikely love of Bread and America.“