static roots on spotify – #04/2021 – Shulman Smith, summersets, Brooklyn Doran

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Brooklyn Doran - This Town Won't Miss You

“I park across the street from
The place we grew up in
Where new people live
I look in the window
To see if it’s changed some / I’m sorry I did”

The lyrics hit the nail on the head. It's what you feel when you return to your hometown, your old haunts, the bars you went to, your old friends. It's as much familiar as it is discomforting. Some things in your hometown are still the same, but you have changed.

“And this town will chase you
Like you’re a traitor
You keep on running
But you keep coming back”

Excellent storytelling, great song. Welcome to our "songs that got us through the year" playlist <3

songs that got us through the year - playlist

summersets, Kalle Mattson - afterthought

Mindblowingly beautiful! about summersets' "afterthought":

"summersets, the duo of Kalle Mattson and Andrew Sowka, are sharing their first new music of 2021. “afterthought” is “another new chapter for us as a band, but also for the two fictional characters we chronicled in our debut EP, small town saturday,” says Mattson. “Each verse flips perspective from each character as their relationship seemingly comes to an end, a car crashes, and they both run through their regrets.”

“afterthought” was once again produced by long time collaborator Jim Bryson (Kathleen Edwards, The Weakerthans), mixed by Dan Ledwell (Jenn Grant) and featuring strings from Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta).

The 29-year old Mattson first gained public attention by writing the Polaris Music Prize nominated 2014 album Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold, that dealt with the death of his mother who passed when he was 16 years old. It was during the recording and touring of that album that Mattson and Sowka began their longtime musical collaboration. “The whole summersets project came from a place of desperation and inspiration. After my last solo album, I felt so beaten down by the music industry, but once Andrew and I began writing and singing these songs together I was so energized by the process, making music was fun again.”"

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Shulman Smith - Mineral King

One of the best songs of the year so far! When we learned about Shulman Smith he had round about 50 likes on Facebook. Which doesn't mean, you can't release excellent music. This is a killer song: