static roots on spotify – #05/2021 – J.E. Sunde, Abby Hamilton, Jeremy Ferrara

songs that got us through the year - playlist

J.E. Sunde - I Don't Care To Dance

One of the most romantic love songs that we've heard this year, is J.E. Sunde's "I Don't Care To Dance" from the album "9 Songs About Love".

J.E. Sunde says: “It is a tune indebted to the poetic approach of early Leonard Cohen with the same ‘future-past’ aesthetic of Adrienne Lenker or Andy Shauf. It’s about a man finding hope that love might be possible for him after having resigned himself that it wasn’t. It also speaks to the broken expectations and models that are given to men in how they should pursue relationships. Models and expectations that so often turn toxic”.

"You laugh as I stare down at my feet
Holy mother of the humble and the weak
You gently lift my chin so I can look into your eyes

You rebuke the bullshit and the lies
All those people who told me how to be a man
Well I don’t want to follow them any longer
So twirl me round the floor"

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Abby Hamilton - Change Things

A straight rocker with an indie touch, Abby Hamilton's "Change Things" is a song that makes you want to sing along in a packed club enjoying your friends company. Her quiet power makes Abby shine brightly.

On YouTube there are a couple of different versions of "Change Things". This one shows Abby explaining the story and playing the song solo acoustic. Even without a band this is a powerful demonstration of Abby's songwriting chops.

In February 2021, Abby released a U2 cover album. Check it out on

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Jeremy Ferrara - Ourselves

With a touch of Conor Oberst and Elliot Smith, Jeremy Ferrara's amazing love song "Ourselves" instantly caught our attention. Check out this beautiful song:

"I give you so easy what I can't seem to give myself
An okay for love to help
A voice that's free from doubt
Because you're a wonder, you're a pillar of my psyche
You're thousand poems about me I've been waiting to read
You took my worries ya, you turned them into freedom
You changed me like a season I've been waiting to have
You're like a story I can hear it told through me
If I make it to that ending, I think we all might be let down
So let's keep this going, keep it honest, keep it true
Keep this knot from coming loose
Keep that needle to the groove"