static roots on spotify – #17/2021 – Quivers, Olivia Wendel, No-No Boy

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Quivers - Nostalgia Will Kill You

From their just recently released fantastic album "Golden Doubt" we chose Quivers' song "Nostalgia Will Kill You" - which has just everything we love: a fantastic melody, jangling guitars, heavenly choruses, a noisy guitar solo. We are in love with this Australian treasure!

Quivers' music also reminds us of a great band called the "Kopecky Family Band". Check out this brilliant song called "Disaster".

songs that got us through the year - playlist

Olivia Wendel - John Cusack

An amazing, powerful indie-folk-pop love song which turns into a cracking uplifting rocker. Well done, Olivia Wendel. As much a surprise is the beautiful low-budget video with a very cool dance scene. What's not to like?

"Wonder what the skies are like on your side of town
Wonder what you're up to now that I'm not around
You been on my mind taking shape in the passing clouds
Unfamiliar figures of what we could've been by now

If things had gone differently
If we weren't stuck in this quarantine
Thought I was passing a stranger
When I passed by you on the street
Now I'm watching reruns on TV
I feel like John Cusack in Serendipity"
songs that got us through the year - playlist

No-No Boy - The Best God Damn Band In Wyoming

This is just a crazy good sing-along song from Vietnamese-American singer and scholar Julian Saporiti's musical project "No-No Boy". The song is dedicated to his “Japanese Grandma” Joy Teraoka and her bandmates in the George Igawa Orchestra who performed around the state while incarcerated at Heart Mountain, Wyoming between 1942-1944.

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songs that got us through the year

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