“…the magnificent Static Roots Festival …” – Americana-UK interview with Dietmar Leibecke

Wow – feeling humbled for these words about the Static Roots Festival. Thank you, Americana-UK!

“You can find gold in the most unlikely of places if you look hard enough. Now, Oberhausen, a quiet industrial backwater in the Ruhr valley a few miles from the metropolitan splendour of Dusseldorf, wouldn’t be the first place you would look for an amazing two day americana and roots festival. Well, it turns out it is THE place to look as for the third year running the magnificent Static Roots Festival graces the town’s Zentrum Altenberg, a converted zinc factory and for two days in July home of some of the genre’s real gems. AUK took time out to speak to the festival’s curator and insatiable supporter of americana music, Dietmar Leibecke, to talk about what is fast becoming a ‘must attend’ event.”

Read the full interview here: https://americana-uk.com/interview-dietmar-leibecke

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