Tell The Band To Go Home – interview with Dietmar Leibecke

Just back home last Sunday night from a great weekend in London, UK, seeing Bennett Wilson Poole and attending the Noshville 2018 festival, I got a message from good friend Jeff Robson, asking if I was available for a quick chat about the Static Roots Festival 2018. So Jeff picked up the phone and rang me up…


Jack Marks – Song for You – live recording – CDN
Erin Rae – Monticello – live recording

Dietmar Leibecke (Static Roots Festival) interview

Bennett Wilson Poole – Ask Me Anything – Bennett Wilson Poole
Prinz Grizzley – I May Be Late – Come on In
Cordovas – I’m The One Who Needs You Tonight – That Santa Fe Channel
Anthony Da Costa – Talking to You – Da Costa Deluxe
Terra Lightfoot – Norma Gale – New Mistakes – CDN
Hannah Aldridge – Razor Wire – Razor Wire
The Stephen Stanley Band – Birthday Clown – Jimmy and the Moon – CDN
Scott Dibble & Watertown – Laura-Lee – One Phoebe Street – CDN
Madison Violet – LauraLee – No Fool for Trying – CDN


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