Ags Connolly @ Static Roots Festival 2019

Country Music People magazine calls him, “The best singer-songwriter in the country field that this country has ever turned out.”.

If you hear his songs, you would not believe this guy hails from Oxfordshire in England. A great traditional country voice, brilliant songs, and the wit in a song like “I Hope You’re Unhappy” – how can you not love this guy?

Please welcome to the Static Roots Festival 2019, the great Ags Connolly!


“The best singer-songwriter in the country field that this country has ever turned out.” – Duncan Warwick, Country Music People (5/5, Album of the Month)

“There’s no telling where or how the Holy Ghost of country music finds its souls to inhabit, but with results like this, it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t found a home in Ags Connolly.” – Saving Country Music (8/10)

“Nothin’ Unexpected is one of those rare albums where everything falls into place; its gorgeous production compliments the lyrics, melodies, and Connolly’s delivery allowing them to combine (and shine) in an album that is simply perfect.” – The Daily Country

“Connolly and Owens serve these songs well and deliver an album that stands up with the best.” – Lonesome Highway

“The best country album to come out of the UK from the best ever UK country artist.” – John Godfrey, The Troubador Show

“His smooth crooning is not a million miles away from Raul Malo of The Mavericks…” – Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ (9/10)

“It is impossible to praise Ags Connolly’s ‘classic country voice’ and indeed this album highly enough. He really is a match and more for Nashville’s finest…” –

“For those who repeatedly throw up their arms as if looking for divine intervention in their quest for real country music, in Ags Connolly they have found their saviour” – Flyin’ Shoes Review

“It’s as if Mel Street, Willie Nelson and Don Williams had each donated Ags their best vocal chord.” – Nightshift, Oxford’s Music Magazine

“Ags Connolly is the closest we’ve ever come to an English Willie Nelson.” – Duncan Warwick, Country Music People (5/5, Album of the Month)

“‘How About Now’ is a masterpiece of British country” – Maverick (4/5)

“A compelling debut.” – Independent on Sunday (4/5)

“One of the most promising new talents on the Brit country scene.” – Record Collector (4/5)

“Drop all the qualifiers, discounts, and rhetoric about origin, Ags Connolly deserves to be considered right beside his Stateside counterparts as one of the carriers of the country music holy ghost whose carefully-crafted songs can speak to the human heart universally, irrespective of borders.” – Saving Country Music (1 3/4 of 2 guns up)

“His delivery evokes the memory of David Allan Coe’s best work…with arrangements and instrumentation that bring the lyric and effortless vocal so far forward they reach past your auditory and right into your heart, right into your soul, right into your gut.” – Alan Cackett, (4.5/5)

“A national treasure.” – Country Music People

“Home-grown talent.” – Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“He’s damn good. He’s got a little bit of George Jones in him.” – Tom Russell

“A wonderful voice!” – Rosanne Cash

“The UK’s finest country songwriter right now” – Americana UK