Malin Pettersen – Hometown – episode #006

Malin Pettersen - Hometown

She is pure country gold and so authentic, you won’t believe she does not hail from North America. Actually Malin Pettersen is from Norway where she won a Spellemannpris, the Norwegian Grammy. Paste Magazine called her a “Norwegian Country Sensation” and Rolling Stone Magazine featured her song “Hometown” as one of 10 Country and Americana songs you needed to hear”.

For our “stay safe sessions” series, Malin Pettersen plays her current gorgeous single “Hometown” which is an amazing and soulful Country-Americana-Folk song about how small town life can put a weight on your shoulders.

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Malin Pettersen: “The song isn’t necessarily about a specific hometown, but more the idea of a place (mentally or physically) where you get stuck in your ways and forget what is really important to you. Also, getting caught up in what other people might think of you, your music, your choices, etc. can be hard sometimes. This song works as a reminder to myself of what and who I really want to be. Somebody making her own choices. It’s definitely a “I hope there are others out there who might identify with this and that I’m not the only one” kind of song. I’m happy to say I meet a lot of those people when I’m out playing. I love having a safe place to call home, but a “hometown” is only worth its weight if it acts as safe place for growing goals and ideas, or if it’s so settled in its ways it catapults you into seeking new grounds and breaking boundaries.”

We put together the “stay safe sessions” series not only to present great music and amazing talents, but also to support the musicians during these difficult times.

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Rolling Stone Country "Picks Of The Week"

Rolling Stone Country chose Malin Pettersen's song "Hometown" as one of the "Picks Of The Week":

“It’s the same old people, the same old scene,” sings Norwegian singer-songwriter Malin Pettersen in this kiss-off to the small-town existence. A restless track about writing oneself a new destiny, it mixes Pettersen’s yearning voice with some airy, echoing production: the spaces between the notes are as wide-open as the narrator’s future."

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video: Nikolai Grasaasen
executive producer: Dietmar Leibecke,
intro/post production: Frank Koch,
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