Tim Bluhm – Too Far Into The Weeds – episode #007

Tim Bluhm - Too Far Into The Weeds

Static Roots Festival - stay safe sessions - episode #007

California native, Tim Bluhm, might be known as frontman of the legendary California soul outfit, The Mother Hips.

About Tim Bluhm: “In one brief, excruciating instant, Tim Bluhm’s life changed forever. The acclaimed songwriter and avid outdoorsman was speed flying (a more intense version of paragliding) down a California mountainside when he lost control and crashed, slamming feet-first into a pile of felled trees at roughly 35 miles-per-hour. The force of the impact snapped his ankle in half and nearly tore his foot from his leg. By the time his body finally came to rest, his pelvis was completely shattered. While Bluhm was lucky to be alive, he faced a daunting road to recovery, one that required him to be bedridden for the better part of a year as he underwent more than a dozen surgeries. It was the kind of traumatic injury that could easily end a career, but for Tim Bluhm, it was more like a second chance.” Read more here...

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For our “stay safe sessions” series, Tim Bluhm plays the song “Too Far Into The Weeds” from his 2020 album release “Gone With The Windshield”.

Tim Bluhm: “This record is from the first of several recording sessions I did in the aftermath of a bad injury I sustained that put me in a wheelchair for a while. It’s called 'Gone With The Windshield' because that’s what it felt like had suddenly happened to the contents of my life. I guess the songs felt a little too “fresh” at the time they were recorded so it felt like waiting a few years to put them out was the best move.”

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