“There is a heaven on earth and I’ve been there!”

Jeff Robson (Tell The Band To Go Home / umfm.com) about the Static Roots Festival 2017

Sorry for posting this podcast a wee bit late. Must have forgotten in the post-Static-Roots-Festival euphoria this summer.

Jeff Robson, host of the fantastic radio show “Tell The Band To Go Home” on umfm.com in Winnipeg, Canada, was the master of ceremonies at Static Roots Festival 2017. A week after his return to Winnipeg he put on a great episode of his radio show, looking back at the Static Roots. You can hear Jeff’s excitement about his experience in every single word. At the end, Jeff comes to the conclusion that “there is a heaven on earth and I’ve been there!”

Here is the playlist (as far as Static Roots Festival is concerned):

David Corley – Take Me Down Some – live recording
Peter Bruntnell – By the Time my Head Gets to Phoenix – live recording
John Blek & the Rats – Don’t Let It Bring You Down – live recording
Nadine Khouri – Bird on a Wire – live recording
Jack Marks – Maggie’s Hardware Store – Blues Like These – CDN
Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles – Old Games – Playing Old Games EP
David Ford – Pour a little Poison – Charge
Torpus & the Art Directors – Big Jet Plane – Being Discovered
Danny & the Champions of the World – (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket – Stay True

Listen to the podcast here:

Or find the full episode on the Tell The Band To Go Home website.

David Ford, Michael Langewender, Dietmar Leibecke, Jeff Robson @ Static Roots Festival 2017, Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen

(picture by Ullrich Maurer)