The Delines @ Static Roots Festival 2024


(photo credits: Paolo Brillo)

The Delines: Bringing Stories to Life at Static Roots Festival

We're thrilled to announce that The Delines, the renowned band from Portland, Oregon, will be gracing the Static Roots Festival stage in 2024. Known for their deep, soulful blend of Americana, The Delines are set to captivate our audience with both classic hits and new, yet-to-be-heard songs.

A Journey Through Working-Class America

The Delines' latest album, "The Sea Drift" is a masterful portrayal of life in working-class America, set against the backdrop of Gulf Coast country-soul. Their music paints vivid, evocative pictures that transport listeners to scenes filled with raw emotion and poignant narratives.

Willy Vlautin's Cinematic Songwriting

At the heart of The Delines' music is the extraordinary storytelling of songwriter Willy Vlautin. His ability to craft narratives is akin to a cinema director, with each song playing out like a movie in the listener's mind. Vlautin's stories are deeply immersive, drawing on his keen observations of life's complexities and the human condition.

Amy Boone's Enchanting Vocals

Frontwoman Amy Boone brings these stories to life with her enchanting vocals, perfectly complementing Vlautin's lyrical tapestry. Her voice, rich with emotion and depth, turns each performance into a spellbinding experience.

An Experience of Beautiful Tragedy

Described as romantic yet underlined with a dark underbelly, The Delines' music is a beautiful tragedy. Their songs capture the struggles and resilience of people in tough situations, offering a glimpse into lives that are both beautiful and tragic.

The Delines: The Icing on the Cake in Dietmar Leibecke's Musical Bubble

In today's digitalized world, where we often find ourselves isolated in our own bubbles, the Static Roots Festival offers a refreshing escape to a world of live, heartfelt music. For our festival director, Dietmar Leibecke, booking The Delines for a rare appearance in Germany is akin to placing the icing on the cake within his personal musical bubble. This booking symbolizes the pinnacle of his vision for the festival, bringing an exceptional musical act that resonates deeply with his passion for Americana and storytelling. The Delines' performance is a cherished culmination of efforts to create a lineup that not only delights but also profoundly connects with the audience. It's a celebration of musical excellence and a testament to the enduring impact of curating a festival with heart and soul.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Performance

Prepare for a memorable night with The Delines at Static Roots Festival 2024. Their performance promises to be a highlight, offering a journey through the emotional and musical landscapes of contemporary Americana.

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