Ole Kirkeng @ Static Roots Festival 2024

Static Roots Festival 2024 - Ole Kirkeng

From the US to Norway and Beyond: Ole Kirkeng Joins Static Roots Festival 2024

The Static Roots Festival is proud to welcome the phenomenally talented Norwegian singer-songwriter Ole Kirkeng to our 2024 lineup. Known for his captivating storytelling and melodious craft, Ole is set to bring his unique blend of country, folk, and indie vibes to Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen this July.

A Journey of Musical Exploration

After spending five years in the States and gaining acclaim as the bass player in Courtney Marie Andrews' band, Ole Kirkeng returned to Norway to embark on a solo career. His debut EP, "Rocking Chair," was a critical success, earning him the prestigious Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) in the Country category.

Ole Kirkeng - An Artist of Depth and Character

Ole's music is a dialogue with the listener. It weaves the magic and challenges of everyday life into relatable, lyrical, and sometimes humorous narratives. His songs are rich tapestries of life, filled with recognizable characters and stories that resonate deeply with his audience.

A Personal Connection That Runs Deep

Our bond with Ole Kirkeng is not just one of musical admiration but also of personal connection. It all began back in August 2018, during an unforgettable house concert in our series at Raumfahrtzentrum Saarner Kuppe, where we first encountered Ole as the bass player for Courtney Marie Andrews. Witnessing his evolution from a skilled bassist to a standout singer-songwriter in his own right has been a journey we've cherished deeply. His return to the Ruhr valley, this time leading his own band, feels like a full-circle moment – a testament to the enduring relationships and transformative power of music that our festival embodies.

Highly Anticipated Debut Album

His first full-length album, "Still Not Lost," released to critical acclaim, showcases Ole as an artist of immense talent and creativity. Recorded and produced with the string instrument guru Geir Sundstøl, the album is a testament to Ole's dedication to the songwriting craft, standing comparison to artists like Nick Lowe and Randy Newman.

A Live Experience Not to Be Missed

Ole's confidence and wit shine through not just in his recordings but also in his live performances. He brings a refreshing energy to the stage, effortlessly blending genres and capturing the hearts of audiences with songs like the catchy “Stupid Questions” and the charming “I Fell in Love With You (at IKEA).”

Join Us for an Wonderful Performance

Prepare to be delighted by Ole Kirkeng's performance at Static Roots Festival. His presence promises an experience that goes beyond music, touching the heart and soul with every note and lyric.

Tickets and More

Be sure to grab your tickets for Static Roots Festival 2024 and dive into Ole Kirkeng's music with our curated playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

We can't wait to see Ole Kirkeng's star shine at Static Roots Festival 2024. Join us for a journey through his musical landscape that's as rich and varied as life itself.

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