David Newbould @ Static Roots Festival 2024

Static Roots Festival 2024 | David Newbould

Welcoming a True Americana Gem to Static Roots Festival 2024 - David Newbould

We are thrilled to announce that the one and only David Newbould, a renowned Americana artist and amplified folksinger, will grace the stage at the Static Roots Festival 2024. Known for his heartland roots-rock and a career spanning over a decade, David brings a unique blend of raw emotion and authentic storytelling to our festival lineup.

A Journey from Big Red Sun to Power Up!

Since his debut with 'Big Red Sun' in 2007, David Newbould has carved a niche in the Americana landscape. His latest studio album, 'Power Up!' (Blackbird Record Label, June 10, 2022), encapsulates his journey and ethos perfectly. This record, birthed in the throes of a global pandemic, resonates with messages of resilience and survival, propelled by the grease, grit, and guitar-driven swagger of rock & roll.

Creating Art in Challenging Times

The creation of 'Power Up!' is a story of artistic determination. Recorded in a makeshift basement studio during quarantine, David and producer Scot Sax embraced the challenges, resulting in an album that's not only a testament to their creativity but also to the spirit of the times. It’s raw, real, and resonates with the authenticity that David Newbould’s fans have come to love and expect.

A Sound That Bridges Continents

David's music isn’t just about the notes and the rhythms; it's a journey through life's ups and downs. With his roots in Toronto, experience in New York City and Austin, and now a staple in Nashville's diverse music scene, his music is a reflection of these varied influences. Albums like 'Tennessee' and 'Sin & Redemption' showcase this cross-continental journey, adding depth to his already rich musical narrative.

A Show Not to be Missed

At Static Roots Festival, expect David Newbould to deliver performances that are both intimate and explosive, songs that speak to the soul, and music that takes you on a journey. From the reflective tones of "Home Depot Glasses" to the energetic riff of the title track "Power Up!", his set promises to be a highlight of the festival.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

The Static Roots Festival is not just about music; it's a celebration of stories, emotions, and the power of connecting through art. And with artists like David Newbould, the 2024 edition promises to be more vibrant and soul-stirring than ever.

Get your tickets, mark your calendars, and prepare to be immersed in the unique sound and artistry of David Newbould at Static Roots Festival 2024.

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