David Keenan @ Static Roots Festival 2024

Static Roots Festival 2024 | David Keenan

The Enigmatic David Keenan to Grace Static Roots Festival 2024

It's with immense excitement and pride that we announce the addition of the incomparable David Keenan to the lineup of Static Roots Festival, taking place at Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen. After six years since we first heard his mesmerizing performance of "Postcards from Catalonia," David will finally join us on stage in 2024, in a moment we've eagerly anticipated.

Beyond Ordinary: The Unique Artistry of David Keenan

David Keenan is not just a musician; he's a poet, a storyteller, and a true artist. His music is a far cry from the usual verse-chorus structure, offering a depth and complexity that captivates and enthralls. Songs like “Love in a Snug” are testament to his unique craft - give it a few listens, and you'll find yourself swept away by its absolute beauty.

A Performer of Rare Caliber

Personally, I would pay Bruce Springsteen ticket prices to see David Keenan perform again. He's one of the greatest live performers I've ever witnessed - an artist who gives his all on stage, leaving audiences spellbound by his talent and intensity.

Critically Acclaimed and Deeply Respected

Keenan's reputation as one of Ireland's leading songwriters and live performers is well-deserved. With critically acclaimed albums like "A Beginner's Guide to Bravery" and "WHAT THEN?", along with his published poetry and live performances, David has carved a unique path in the music world. His upcoming fourth studio album, set for release in early 2024, is eagerly awaited.

A Tribute to Willie Meighan

At Static Roots Festival, we honor the memory of the late great Willie Meighan from Kilkenny, a true legend in the music community. Each year, we dedicate a special slot in his memory. This year, David Keenan will be performing in honor of Willie Meighan, adding a layer of tribute to his set. It's our way of remembering Willie's passion and contribution to the world of music.

An Experience Like No Other

David's music, described by Pat Carty as a blend of Tim Buckley and Brendan Behan, with hints of Dylan and Kerouac, is not just easy listening – it's a journey into the heart of music and poetry. His songs are an exploration of life, emotion, and artistry.

Join Us for a Musical Epiphany

Prepare to experience David Keenan at Static Roots Festival 2024 – it's not just a performance; it's a revelation. His presence on stage is more than entertainment; it's a rare opportunity to witness a master at work.

Secure Your Spot

Tickets for Static Roots Festival 2024 are available now. This is your chance to be part of an extraordinary musical journey with David Keenan.

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See You There!

We can't wait to share the unique experience of David Keenan’s performance with you. Join us at the festival, where music, community, and storytelling come alive in the most extraordinary ways.

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